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Shoot! Just about to hit the Post Comment button when page refreshed and lost it. What I was trying to say was my friend in MO. keeps me posted about his great state. He's so PROUD! They've done the same thing regarding the 2nd amendment. They have a law that forbids anyone from enforcing any federal law that restricts gun rights. This is so much fun to watch and gives other right thinking states encouragement to defy unconstitutional mandates. I hope I live long enough to see an Article V solution.
You're right. And what gets me is how the same people who rebelled against "THE MAN" during the 60s have now not only become THE MAN, they are the most intolerant, tyrannical politicians ever to populate this government. Their kids haven't paid much attention and just gone along with it. We can only hope the grandkids of these self serving old hippies will turn this ship around.
I shake my head every time someone says "When will they learn?"
Dividing the state has been bandied about for years. In the meantime, I would just like to see the distribution of electoral college votes split. Giving all 55 (or 52, I'm not sure) to the winner of the popular vote makes all the rest of us totally irrelevant in national elections.
I fear that Mr. Hewitt is giving some of us California Conservatives a false sense of hope. Wouldn't it be nice…….but I doubt it.
Just when you think things can't possibly get worse, they do.
I just read this column and came to the comments to say exactly what you said, gungy. You took the words right off my keyboard. We really need to take the senate next year. And even that will be too late to stop much of the damage they have planned.
A bit off topic but your post reminds me of a game site I used to use. The censors would ban words so whenever I typed the word "Oakland" it would come out "Oa****d". You weren't allowed to type "klan". And I thought we were adults here. *sigh*
While I agree with you about the PPACA not being about affordable healthcare, I don't think it's about making the insurance industry rich. I believe it's about putting them out of business so the only place left to go will be the gov't. Hence, single payer. He has said so. He hates the private sector. He hates capitalism.
I think most of us would be willing to make an exception in this case.
I believe it will be a form with your tax return. In 2015, when you do your taxes for 2014, there will be a question about if you have healthcare insurance and does it comply with the rules. If not, you'll owe $95 or a small percent of your income, whichever is higher and which they can only get if you have that much coming in a refund. At least, that's what they say.
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