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Hallelujah! Vote him down again. And then do it again....and again. If he doesn't get the message, maybe the citizens of Virginia will wake up and vote him out.
The thought fascists are active at this ?university? and many others. Read this and be WARNED. If this continues, an from the looks of thing now, it surely will, the fundamental transformation will also continue The America I've known for so many years is becoming unrecognizable.
More of the Obama socialism crackdown. He is looking for a Christian-free nation that can worship as they please, as long as he approves of their practices and that those practices are muslim. This nation is getting SICKER by the day under this administration.
What price do you place on your soul? Your principles? Have any?
OK's the deal. Obama gets Google cronies, Google gets more and more control which = Obama gets more and more control. The Internet as we knew it is GONE. More control, more influence, more use of the FTC, FCC and "net neutrality" with Google sponsorship. What do we have then? BIG BROTHER able to spy on anyone and everyone whenever. Know one thing: Progressivism is fast becoming fascism! Google is playing the game to sweeten their pot, but will wake up after everything they've worked for is gone to the fascist government now under construction. WAKE UP AMERICA.
Damn sick fascists! Probably took lessons from Marx, Lenin, Mao: one or all.
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What Is The Ex-Im Bank Hiding?

podinwv Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 10:16 AM
Obama administration can be defined by: crony capitalism, socialist tactics to remake a once free country while denying, deflecting, diverting, discrediting, displacing, defaming and destroying anything or anyone who gets in their way.
This is clearly one individual who has adopted a socialist/fascist belief system. It is also clear that she is a person of Jewish heritage who didn't learn on d----thing from the Holocaust that took place in Europe.
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The Obama Bank Shakedown

podinwv Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 10:28 AM
Well, we elected a communist president who placed his fascist suck ups in power positions, so now we have fascist economic tactics designed to keep the power structure in place.
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