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An Appalling Statement from the President

PNut67 Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 12:01 PM
Im with you....I told a person one time that, even though I am a former Marine from back in the eighties, this Barry O WOULD NEVER AS LONG AS I AM DRAWING A BREATH, be MY commander-in-chief....and that I DO NOT RECOGNIZE, NOR WILL I EVER IN THE FUTURE RECOGNIZE HIS TERM AS 'prez'...so...America's history as far as I am concerned, in the far future will have EIGHT BLANK PAGES in its books...and that will be the period we failed our own citizens.
Number 5....No, the unemployment rate would be more like in the 75 to 88 % percent category.... which woul;d cause a total economic collapse...if it hadn't already happened by the time the figures get up that high...and... number 9...THAT ONE IS ALREADY HAPPENING, dude.... remember O's first bogus election? IF you said out loud that you weren't voting for ALMIGHTY HIM, and that you were free to vote for whoever you wanted to...then you WERE A NARROW MINDED RACIST...and YES...I AM speaking from experiance... I got called a "hater" just because I made the mistake of telling someone I voted REPUBLICAN.
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Arizona Loses a Great Sheriff

PNut67 Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 11:37 AM
ATTN ALL (ill)LEGAL immigrants.....Cochise county is now the new superhighway for your enjoyment...please, come enjoy our beautiful country, to trash at OUR EXPENSE. Have a good day!
This is just now getting reported on ????? Where were you guys back in 1776 when this country was being founded? In other words, voter fraud HAS ALWAYS been around.... and unless the politicos GET VERY SERIOUS ABOUT STOPPING IT...(which they wont, because they are the winners when it comes to voter fraud)....ITS ALWAYS GONNA BE HERE!
OOPPs...sorry...."best tarder staus" in my last comment was supposed to read...."best trader status"....my bad.
The title to the article says it all, and I fully agree....... I will also agree that the elections of 2008, 2004, and 2000 were ALL tainted with fraud, no matter who won. WE the people are putting IDIOTS in our leadership positions.....I KNEW that this is what was gonna happen when we gave CHINA "best tarder staus" back in the day...they are getting THEIR rules of communism enforced upon us, the consumers buying their cheapA@#$% goods. Probably a stipulation in the trade agreement..You buy from us, you make peoples lifes miserable, like we do here in China.
Im with ya, brothers...lets do this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so true about what you say about 2nd amend...AND..if one dissects carefully the wording in that amendment....NO ONE , even a GUB'MENT person CAN LAWFULLY initiate ANY law AGAINST it... the 2nd amendment is ACTUALLY ABOVE the law itself...in other words, you cant even make a law against machine guns.
I gotta AMEN your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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