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oh u mean like the swat team that went to the wrong house and flash banged a baby inb the crib and then refuse to pay the medical bills? tghe baby will be crippled for life
it also says no posse comitatus which is what a militarized police force is
you know exactly why the police are being militarized to come after patriots,gun owners,conservatives tea partiers
u know that guy is jewish right?
i question the validity of the video simply because its coming through MSM also wheres ur outrage over the slaughter of gaza's children by IDF
the right of the PEOPLE i repeat PEOPLE and in case u missed it PEOPLE to keep and bear arms SHALL...NOT.... BE ...INFRINGED
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Will ISIS Attack the United States?

pmetzker Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 6:42 AM
and strangely they never found those WMDs
yes several israeli leaders are on record saying thats their goal. ro YOU ever research anything or do u just believe everything ur told to believe
The people who go into a house despite a warning do not have to be taken into account in terms of injury to civilians, because they are voluntary human shields. From the legal point of view, I do not have to show consideration for them. In the case of people who return to their home in order to protect it, they are taking part in the fighting.(14
For 30 years, from the War of Independence until today [1981], we [Israel] have been fighting against a population that lives in villages and cities.(1) In South Lebanon we struck the civilian population consciously, because they deserved it… the Israeli Army has always struck civilian populations, purposely and consciously … the Army… has never distinguished civilian [from military] targets … [but] purposely attacked civilian targets when Israeli settlements had not been struck.(2) There were retaliatory actions against civilian Arab populations; the air force operated against them; the damage was directed against such structures as the canal, bridges and transport.(3) The picture that emerges is of an Israel wantonly inflicting every possible measure of death and anguish on civilian populations in a mood reminiscent of regimes which neither Mr. (Prime Minister) Begin nor I would dare to mention by name.(4) There was a rational prospect, ultimately fulfilled, that afflicted populations [i.e., innocent civilians deliberately bombed] would exert pressure for the cessation of hostilities.(5) We don’t have a solution, and you [Palestinians] will continue living like dogs, and whoever wants to go will go, and will see how this procedure will work out.(23)
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