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Michelle Obama Breaks Debate Rules, Claps Loudly For Husband

pmetoyer Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 5:00 PM
I beleive there point is that she is the loudest, longest and quit frankly she should be an example to those who do not know how to conduct themselves during a high school debate, Oh wait, I'm sorry. A debate between 2 candidates for president of the United States of America which is a very tight and important election for the largest FREE country in the world.

Presidential debate rules state there shall be no clapping, cheering, yelling etc. for either candidate, but that didn't stop First Lady Michelle Obama from clapping loudly in support of her husband last night during Mitt Romney's exchange with moderator Candy Crowley about Libya in Hempstead, NY. You can hear and see Mrs. Obama's clapping starting at the 56 second mark.