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Desperation: Team Obama Resorts to More Lies, Hypocrisy

pmetoyer Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 11:58 AM
Who's boob are you sucking Justified (Kool Aid) Fear? The unions or the governments? Are you afraid of losing your entitlements? This country is like a train who needs more engines, too many people are hitching themselves on to a an already long line of railcars. We need more engines in this economy or we'll kill the train. Obamas train is taking us off a cliff.

Yesterday was a rough day for the president's re-election team, and one gets the sense that Democrats are beginning to resort to a "kitchen sink" strategy to tear down Mitt Romney.  Last week was Big Bird.  This week, we've had the false Paul Ryan smear job, followed by the sub-moronic "bindergate" talking point.  They'll try anything at this stage, so why not fire up the flagrant hypocrisy machine, and toss in some deliberately deceitful fear-mongering for good measure?  Let's begin with the hypocrisy.  The clip below features Barack Obama campaigning in New Hampshire,