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The players who choose to should wear them anyway.
I laugh every time I see Bernadette Rostenkowski try to stammer her way through the lies...
Is Bush Derangement Syndrome covered by obamacare?
obama seems as though he'd have no qualms sitting back and watching us become the ISA.
Anyone smell an audit coming for Foley and Co.?
"That said, Ray Lewis, accused (and likely guilty) accessory to murder, now has a statue in front of the stadium to inspire young black Balti-morons." And his clothes from the night in question still haven't been found...
Because they have produced/contributed - but progs like you would have them shipped off like Orwell's "Boxer."
As much as I enjoy seeing his absurd thoughts exposed, I question whether he should be given any attention at all.
Every time I see a picture of koskinen I think to myself "evil mastermind in a James Bond movie."
Those still congratulating themselves over electing a (half) black president are among the few groups who don't think (won't admit) he's been a failure.
Dumb enough to raise a stink and be targeted for an audit? Crooks!
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