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About Those Postal Retiree Health Benefits

pmartin Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 1:21 AM
If Issa wants to save the USPS he should look at what expenses can be deleted without disrupting the service. #1. The Postal Accountable and Enhancement Act needs to be rescinded. In 2006 the PAEA ,signed by Bush, mandated that the USPS fund 75 years of retiree health benefits in 10. As the USPS was solvent before the PAEA (HR6407) was passed it stands to reason that the USPS would once again become solvent if this law was rescinded. #2. Overpayments the USPS has made to the Civil Service Retirement Service should be returned. #3. Overpayments the USPS made to FERS need to be retrieved. #4. Charge more for delivering UPS parcels that UPS has the Post Office deliver to places they don’t. #5. Adjust the ratio of managers to workers .

While Congress is busy trying to figure out how it’s going to continue screwing up the U.S. Postal Service, postal expert Michael Schuler has been busy analyzing the reasons why it’s so screwed up to begin with. Last week, Michael released a paper on congressional micromanagement of the USPS. A new paper looks at the complicated and controversial topic of postal retiree health benefits.

A common claim made by the postal unions and other defenders of the unsustainable status quo is that the USPS would be a-okay if a 2006 law hadn’t required the postal service to...

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