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YOU are advising on meds???? Totally clueless, ignorant , permanently imbedded and obsesses with Obama anilnigus- that is who you are!
I suggest you get your head from deep between your "lower cheeks" and look around ... Got news for you- no amount of anilingus with exempt YOU from the horror awaiting us all!
Democraps didn't care they lost big in last election- they knew they will still be in control!
Question; Will he leave office? By time he is done with our country in another 24 months he will be a full fledged dictator FREE to do as he wishes!
The democraps aren't only the most despicable scum emboldened by the power they acquired by creating and populating most outrageous lies ,...while void of any human emotions but arrogant enough not even ashamed to show it ...
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