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Time to check the renovation of our seven story, Ten Million Dollar, Four star hotel. Bye Teabaggers and pleaasssee....Don't be jealous. I know - Life is not fair.
So says Timothy Mcveigh's girlfriend and the mother of his children.
Spelling error, meant:.....that he is an Israeli national who doesn't care about America? right?
HA HA HA HA HA So the notorious Israel-firster is revealing his true colors? that he is ans Israeli national who doesn't scare about America? right? Thanks but no thanks, we knew that you are nothing but America hating foreign Israeli.
It's unbelievable that in order to become US Secretary of Defense you have to put Israel before the US and express over and over and over again how much you love the so-called 'state' of Israel, a MAJOR MAJOR Terrorist entity..... and would do ANYTHING for them. It's sickening how much power their criminal PAC lobbyists have..
So says the notorious Israel-firster and Bibi lover, yeah that terrorist Bibi, the Butcher of Palestine.
Aside the Israel-worshipping GOP who**re senators, the truth is that Israel, a major terrorist state, would throw America under the bus in a heartbeat if it was in it's best interests.
Listening all morning - I have determined that many GOP Senators would like the oath of office to be changed to the following: " I, AB, do solemnly swear ( or affirm) that I will support and defend Israel no matter the cost to the United States Constitution or to the American people." Despicable, absolutely Despicable.
Otho? What a name....
Any proud American patriot ought to be offended by the tone and questioning of this nominee - John Hagel. Is he going to be the Secretary of Defense of the USA OR the Secretary of Defense of the so-called state of Israel? GOP Senators are absolutely traitors.
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Rubio to Oppose Hagel Nomination

PMA2061 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 2:59 PM
Hi Katie, Is that your high school picture? Obviously....... you look totally different now....But again, aging is a natural thing but refusing to accept the aging process is kind of sickness and childish. Just ask Katie Pavlich.
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