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Get your meds, marine's dad. I know...You're still ANGRY about Obams's landslide win, it is too much for you, but hey, life goes on.
Actually, I respect our soldiers. allen west's of the world are the few bad apples who tarnishes the image of our fine soldiers. And the facts is different than your rosy picture of allen west.
Thank you people of Florida for slowly coming to your senses. Now, work on getting rid of Rick Scott, the convicted criminal (Medicare fraud).
Actually President Obama would have rejected your endorsement. See, the neo-nazi racists like you are just that....FRINGES OF THE FRINGE. In pure English, you are as IRRELAVANT.
The Republican party lost because America has MORE women than misogynists and MORE minorities than teabag racists. And without hatred and division, all they had left was ideas that have already been tried and have FAILED spectacularly.
Since the GOP has been hijacked by Christianist Talibans, it makes sense the GOP would have difficulties with reality. After all, if there's one thing christian Talibans are good at, is ignoring facts. Afghan Talibans = Christianist Talibans.
You're wrong again, lance. 'Hate', 'Spewing hatred'???? Hate is the only thing that unites the entire teabag cons.
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