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America Nears El Tipping Pointo

PMA1454 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 4:33 PM
Excited teen guy benson: "Surreal: Obama's fiscal proposal stuns washing ton." Surreal: "The LOSING teabag/neo-fascist party STUNS America after they claimed they have a mandate, although they lost the election."
He was telling the truth, neo-Nazi racist. You're just jealous, trasho. ,
Answer the damn QUESTION, uber.
What is SOCILAIASM? Define it. ...And stop posting your old propaganda material. Bring something NEW, Uber the bagger.
We spend more on Offense, not Defense, than every other country. We could cut our 'defense' budget in half and still have the biggest military ever. It's time to start a 21st century version of swords into plowshares and do some nation building here.
HA HA HA You're just jealous to Sc, tuttle, the trash racist. Right? If I were you - I would learn something from the highly educated, highly successful SC. But I doubt it.
Wow! You really schooled the ignorant baggers tonight, SCLiberal. Have a great night, Sc.
So stopping Bush's great depression, when America was losing 800, 000 jobs per month, and creating an environment where the economy is growing again is somehow a failure, genius bagger?
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