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I think I schooled the baggerz tonight. An that means I'm outttttttta here because I have a LIFE.
The line between gun nuts and nuts with guns is becoming thinner and thinner.
You're obsessed with the word retard. IMHO - you or your family has experienced this horrible disease. I feel sorry for you, panda.
Actually I hired two more employees recently. My business is thriving.
Attention baggerz.. Hugh Hefner's biography (documentary) is on cnbc channel. Mr Hefner is a true American legend.
Actually - Justice Sotompyer is a great judge and a gifted legal genius.
,Obama & his minions are guilty of? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Thanks for the laugh, liz from the backwaters of Texas.
The NRA would sell IED's to Al Qaida if they could make a few extra bucks. It's about time our government calls/labels NRA what it is. a TERRORIST ORGANISATION that encourages violence and opposes any regulations.
Ask your friend, amy the lezbo and 'conservative' too.
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