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Orwellian: Great Britain to Establish “New Press Regulations”

Plutothedog Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 3:58 AM
That MP would still be protected. Despite this article's contentions to the contrary, the UK's never had really strong free speech protections, their libel laws are extremely limiting on speech, and truth has never been an absolute defense to all claims. Lord Castleraugh was protected then, as he would be today, because he made the comment in Parliament, where statements enjoy absolute immunity ( as they do in certain settings in court). Mr. Doherty is either ill-informed or being wilfully misleading about free speech in the UK.

Those who scoff at conservatives who publicly acknowledge that tyrannical government is at least capable of infringing on American civil liberties need to look no further than what’s happening across the pond. Sadly, Great Britain’s political leaders have reportedly lost their spines, agreeing to stringent “new press regulations” without so much as a fight. These rules and guidelines will effectively end freedom of the press in the United Kingdom as we know it. Charles C.W. Cooke reports:

[L]ondon, once the undisputed center of the free world, has fallen to the dull charms of cheap censorship. For...