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They are all POS period.
f___k the POS obama,he needs to re-read America's constitution
would think the media put their two cents in on this story,a lot baised again toward the left? I don't believe it.
Chris Mathews and Juan Williams ,call them bunk buddy's.,Both are worthless POS'S
Again i say Obama is trying hard to be American,but i feel he has failed in all category's,but one bringing America down. Thats just my opinion
He is one sick POS-MF.
It makes you sick seeing this black joker Obama trying to run this country and party at the same time
Easy fix,get rid of obama the liar and fienstien,get rid of all the people trying to change the constitution,i want to throw up every time i look at the hypocrite obama and his smug attitude,he is one sick puppy..
Still say Obama is a POS, along with pelosi,reid,holder,,the dem list goe's on and on and on,SAD.
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