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They live in backward land. They hate people who take care of themselves, and love people who are dependent on government.
This sounds like a hate crime and it's no wonder. For months now we've been subjected to terrible negative and divisive campaigning from Obama and his crew - Axelrod, Plouffe, Bill Burton and Gibbsy. The gullible Left clearly believes the hateful rhetoric coming out of this WH, and has acted on it.
The Obama WH and Pelosi have perfected that strategy.
THE MOST DIVISIVE, non-transparent president EVER.
Somehow I doubt he'll be calling the victim to express remorse. Instead, he's out campaigning on birth control with Sandra Fluke.
This shooting happened because the Left has ratched up the hatred against Christian groups!
Of course it's someone else's fault. In this white house, it's never the president. He's like a little child who can't accept responsibility for anything.
The movie is selling itself and he is probably bringing the victims some comfort. Good for him.
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plumazul Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 11:27 PM
Obama is far worse than Carter. Carter damaged the country, but much of that damage was reversable. Obama is ruining the U.S. and if we don't kick him out of office come November, Obamacare and other welfare state programs will be undoable. WAKE UP AMERICA. Obama wants government to control our institutions. He is unlike any president we've seen. He should never have been elected, but the media propelled him to victory by glossing over his past and covering up his inadequacies and true intentions for America. Don't be fooled a second time!
I'm so tired of white guilt. The lesson I've learned from all this - it's too risky to elect a black president. Who needs this?
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