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Romney to Obama Voters: He Let You Down

plumazul Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 6:18 PM
Mr. York is so correct. We didn't EVER buy Obama's spiel because we knew he was a politician first and foremost, not some kind of bi-racial savior here to heal us from our stained past. We understood he was a junior senator who lacked executive experience, and that he had been elevated to near god-status by the media and his swooning followers. And with the country in such extended decline, it's even more difficult to understand how anybody could vote for him.
The media are so in the tank for this guy that the public has come to believe him. How frightening for America. Obama could get up there and say pretty much anything and the media won't really criticize him.
She's fallen very far in a relatively short time. Goodbye Debbie!
What about allegations that Obama's White House is a sexist place to work? That matters more to me than free contraception.
I'm so tired of seeing Michelle's bare arms. As usual, she was dressed inappropriately. Can't wait until she stops spending taxpayer money.
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Lies, Darned Lies and Marathon Times

plumazul Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 11:21 PM
Why would he lie about something that could so easily be refuted - and was? The marathon was 20 years ago. He made a mistake, that's all.
Matthews' brain has been electrified and fried from too many leg tingles. He was like a rabid animal on set. He who in constantly preaching "civility" better apologize. What a horse's a$$.
I saw the entire exchange. Chris Matthews' career should be finished. It was that bad. He exploded with a hateful diatribe that was painful to hear. And the sad part is, Obama has been using race since his primary days with Hillary. Bill said there are memos that prove Obama and team planned to play the race card on him all along. There's racism alright, but it's Obama and his co-thugs injecting it. I'm sick of race, of white guilt, all of it. ENOUGH. Most of us want to get along, and these hateful, divisive people in the WH (and their surrogates) make it impossible.
Now is the time to find out. if it's legitimate stupid, does the GOP have a way to shut that whole thing down? GET LOST AKIN!
Harry Reid told me.
They live in backward land. They hate people who take care of themselves, and love people who are dependent on government.
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