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Beware Public Opinion

Plum_Village Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 10:37 PM
Cal's right and not just on this issue but on a lot, the left is pushing what ever is revolting.
The Democrat African American constituency will love open immigration, African Americans are 13% of the population, passed by Hispanics and with more immigration, African Americans percent of the population may well drop to 10%. Democrats are losing voters, that's why they want to give amnesty which won't pass the house. And the African Americans can thank the Democrats.
John Wayne Gacy Patrick Wayne Kearney Wayne Williams Jeffrey Dahmer Dean Corll Elmer Wayne Henley David Owen Brooks Donald Harvey Juan Corona Larry Eyler Forgot these?
Abraham Lincoln? You are reaching. Yes, I know they trod out some story about a night shirt, it's a farfetched story with no real backup.
Einstein, let's not forget that just yesterday Judge Sotomayor was asking the same thing about group marriages, polygamous marriages, she's an Obama nominee, so you are name calling because you are so ill informed.
Ha Ha Ha! You can't answer that. All you can do is name calling. So your position is Zero. you can't defend it.... LOL
Most states in these kinds of votes like in Wisconsin voted for Marriage to be between 1 man and 1 woman and in the State Constitution defined that way. This is not banning gay marriage, it is defining what Marriage is. I think that is what you might be saying.
So you argue for polygamy too. Great.
Well Break out the Heroin and let's shoot it up. That's our civil right too. Let us have 20 wives or husbands or marry our dogs. It's our civil right.
I Think the description is "Gaystapo".
Does that include African American youths and Hispanics who vote against sterile marriages because their minority populations have been hit so badly by single parents??
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