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Scaring the Ghost of El Chapo

PluckyMo Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 11:06 AM
(cont)...This situation is just one of many that I have never heard advocates of decriminalization or legalization address. I agree that the status quo, frequently referred to as the "War on Drugs", is not having the outcomes we would like to see. I would happily participate in a discussion of alternatives. However, free access to these substances is not the answer.
MatthewlovesAyn Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 6:10 PM
Did you read the article? You've seen the consequences of drug prohibition, although that's insufficient argument. The fact remains, it's not your place to dictate what I eat, drink, shoot, snort, smoke, or rub into my belly.

El Chapo haunts the streets of Chicago. His ghost hoards cash in Los Angeles stash houses. His shadow darkens underground tunnels between Mexico and the U.S. His spirit drives his clan to bloodshed. The world’s most-wanted kingpin may be dead. But the Sinaloa cartel will thrive until America legalizes drugs.

Guatemalan authorities are currently investigating whether Joaquín Guzmán (nicknamed El Chapo) was killed in a gunfight near Mexico’s border in a remote jungle-ranch province known as Peten.

El Chapo is an entrepreneurial criminal. ‘Entrepreneurial’ because he takes risks and acclimates to overcome obstacles. ‘Criminal’ because he does not compete on...