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Video: And Now, a Word About Immigration Reform From Marco Rubio

plirden Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 7:02 AM
April-2008 FL-Leg St-Afrs-Wrkshp-Cmte-Hrngs Illegal-Imgrtn: Rubio's 2 major allies in the FL-Leg: "anti-Hispanic" allegation from Rep Zapata, defense of illegal immigration by Rep Rivera: April-2008: /Rep_Rivera.wmv /Rep_Zapata.wmv Massive-CO$T$ - Problems-Caused - Crimes - by Illegal Aliens /Martin_Memorial_Med_Ctr_at_State_Affairs_April_8,_2008.wmv /Jorge_Ramos_State_Affairs_Workshop_Testimony.wmv Rubio Defends Illegal-Imgrtn April-2008 FL-Leg-Hrngs - go-to 1-hr:17min Speaker Rubio's personal friend, Chrmn of powerful Rules-Cmte Rep Rivera gave the most telling testimony. Although not a mbr-St-Afrs-Cmte, Rivera was
plirden Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 7:03 AM
allowed to speak as is often allowed. One can safely assume that "Rivera testified at the behest of Spkr-Rubio !"

Rivera made a number of ridiculous statements in defense of illegal-imgrtn including an inaccurate contention about the taxes paid by illegal aliens,

who pay some sales-txs. But it's income-txs they're substantially not paying. Of course he failed to mention the Traitorous-Treasonous-US-Bankrupting-Destroying-Massive-$ocial-$ervices-CO$T$ !

The point is that Rep Rivera's defense of illegal-imgrtn is a strong signal that Spkr-Rubio holds the same position."

April-2008 - Marco Rubio said:

"There's nothing the state of FL can do unilaterally to solve Global Warming, there's nothing we can do unilaterally to solve immigration."
plirden Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 7:04 AM

April-2008 - it's outrageous that the FL-Leg, so far, plans budget cuts to punish US-FL-citizens, but leaves illegal aliens unscathed.

"The FL-Leg may even reduce the penalties on illegal aliens who always drive unlicensed !

FL-Hs-bill eases up on drivers caught with a suspended, revoked, or have no, license !"

Where was FL-Hs-Spker Rubio on all of this ?

AZ-GA-CO-OK-MO now mandate the use of E-Verify for public, private employers to confirm legal status of workers.

"The FL bills "Rubio-Rivera-Zapata Opposes" only require E-verify for Govt-jobs !"

Illegal immigrants leaving AZ, OK; going to TX 2008 Legislation Archive.htm

We were told he'd be a chief spokesman -- if not the chief spokesman -- for the 'gang of eight' compromise, and so far he's living up to that billing.  In addition to making a (second) blitz on conservative talk radio, Rubio released a quick-and-dirty summary of the legislation on YouTube.  No frills, just a short, digestible, unscripted break-down of how the bill is designed.  Give it a quick watch, then scroll down for some analysis: