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Immigration Reform: When A Trigger Isn't A Trigger

plirden Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 12:05 PM
on the bills, Tue-April-8-2008. But there's been no notification of any hearing by the Hs-Govt-Efcncy-Acntblty-Cncl, the next step "after" the "St-Afrs-Hrng." We must now demand the hearing where the elements of six anti-illegal-alien-$cam-crime bills will be combined into a Proposed Council Bill. Now the House leadership is blaming the Senate for inaction so calls are needed to Senators as well. Despite the odds concerned Floridians were able to resurrect the stopped bills. We still face huge obstacles but we MUST keep up the pressure. The FL-Leg may pass-some-legsltn on human smuggling, gangs, but the FL-Leg is deluding themselves if they think that the problem will be solved without adding some of the anti-illegal-alien-$cam-crime
plirden Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 12:06 PM
provisions that are in the six-bills-w/E-verify, that


and FL-Leg are "refusing" to even "hear-debate-vote-on !"

If the 2008 FL-Leg fails to enact anti-illegal-imgrtn measures this-yr, it's possible that the next wave of illegal-aliens could come from states that've enacted such measurs.

Illegal imgrnts leaving AZ, OK going to TX, FL. The FL-Leg is planning budget cuts that'll reduce services to legal-US-FL-citizens.

But so far has failed to address the costs of illegal aliens. There should be no budget cuts without imgrtn-enforcement !"

FL-Hs-Spkr Rubio Dedends ilgl-Imgrtn !

2008 Rubio's allies in FL-Leg !
Rep-Rivera Dfnds-ilgl-imgrtn /Rep_Rivera.wmv /Rep_Zapata.wmv

Border enforcement has long been a top priority for Republicans in Congress and conservatives across the country when it comes to immigration reform proposals. The Gang of Eight's plan has promoted its "enforcement-first" approach, but some Capitol Hill Republicansare taking a closer look at the enforcement provisions - and coming away with skepticism.

The first four major points of the Gang of Eight's immigration "outline" [pdf] concern border security and its priority over a path to legalization for illegal immigrants. Indeed, the outline says that "no immigrant in undocumented status may be adjusted" until parts of the border...