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Dear Leader and the commie Holder have so much blood on their hands. I think the useful idiots who voted "D" are just as guilty. After all - it was public knowledge that Dear Leader was an anti-American Marxist subversive, Holder a corrupt operative dedicated to the subversion of the rule of law, and the democrat party long ago embraced progressivism (Marxism) as opposed to American values and principles.
It bears saying again, and it needs to be underscored daily: These are the missionaries of the "religion of peace."
Too bad they don't have the right motive: They're Americans (at least by virtue of citizenship), and they shouldn't embrace Marxism. Real Americans (not progressive, socialist democrats) love liberty - more than death. Vermonters have turned their back on their rich history of those who fought for liberty and now embrace anti-American democrat Marxists.
She's getting ready to run - for commissar.
An anti-American Marxist Democrat lying? No, tell me it isn't so!
That's what happens when they have a Commie in Chief instead of a Commander in Chief.
Well, if Rove and the Establishment want to preserve and protect their record of failure, Jeb's their man.
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What Schumer Wants to Embrace

USMC 64-68 Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 7:46 AM
Schumer's speech is delivered knowing that the democrats base of useful idiots will still be with him. His lie, is the old lie of communism: Look past the failure, the ideology is perfect, we just screwed up up this time - we'll do better next time. To that: the useful idiots showed their gullibility and reliability by taking to the streets with their hands raised saying "don't shoot."
Nothing new here: The RINOs are still running from their oath to protect our rights and defend the Constitution. I guess they found they could run faster without their cojones. Meanwhile, the neo-communist democrats are still assaulting the Constitution against tough opposition - it's hard to walk around the prostrate RINOs who have done nothing but bend over for Dear Leader for 6 years.
The veterans are patriots and warriors. Of course they would not only differ, but object to what the anti-American Tyrant and his Marxist party are doing in stabbing them in the back and throwing their sacrifices and victory in the trash. The treasonous democrats did the exact same thing during the Vietnam War.
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