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I hate to say this but you're absolutely right on this point, Ann. It may be the only way to conquer the Dems. Sorry 2% but you may have to take one for the team for the better good of the country. Like drug addicts don't get clean until they hit rock bottom, the country seemingly must do the same. There aren't enough intelligent voters out there that understand how the economy works, certainly not ones with a D after their name, to hope that we can convince them that O and his Band of Looters are setting in motion a scheme to eliminate the middle class. But since the Republican party is the party of the stupid, I don't see them ever getting it or changing their strategy.
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Elizabeth Warren Dances With Lies

Plantfeeder Wrote: May 10, 2012 12:48 AM
One of your best, Ann. "My mother told me she found me under a rock, but I don't put that on job applications"....Funny stuff! Milk was coming out of my nose!
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