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When I Want a Progressive’s Opinion on What Guns I Should Have/Hunt with, I’ll Give it to Them

PlanetReality Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 6:56 AM
The rights of the people is not what the gov should think or decide limits on after all they cant get spend our hard earned money responsible! This country was founded on the people rights to limit gov rights and decision!!!The gov now tells u what to eat or drink, they tell u where u hard earned money needs to be spent, tell u with gov bank regulations what acct will be paid when u send money into your credit card!! rights of the people taken away because the people lost the ability to use free common sense as they let gov dictate every aspect of there life!! Starting with what kind of mtg my yearly salary can fiscally handle!! this is where the people fail and lose as the gov gets stronger as their laws inconvenience the law abiding!
My buddy, Green Beret badass Bryan Sikes, shot a massive whitetail buck last week during our South Texas Purple Heart Adventure. He whacked said muy grande with a LaRue Tactical OBR chambered for the glorious .308 Win. round. Oh and BTW, Sikes used a high capacity magazine during this hunt.

For those of you who aren’t hip to the LaRue, it is a weapon that progressive darlings say we should not have because we don’t “need” such a weapon for hunting.

Hunting, according to these wizards of odd, is what they think our founding fathers had in mind when...

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