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Was George W. Bush a "Bad" President?

PlanetReality Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 5:52 PM
didnt clinton sign in the mtg crisis and let bin laden go due to a swing set on that roaches compound as he waved bye bye as the so callled surplus king with a controlled republican senate and congress?? never felt so lost in america as the middle class STRUGGLES and WORRIES !!! As we keeping printing more money to make the bubble look alive???WHAT A QUESTION?? Right about carter and his odd and even gas lines never looked sooo good!!!!

That certainly seems to be the general consensus on the Left. Consider, for example, this piece by the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein. Responding to Keith Hennessey’s must-read editorial debunking the so-called “Bush is stupid” myth (a contention, I might add, he doesn’t necessarily dispute), Klein had this to say about our 43th president:

But all this just goes to show that raw intelligence is overrated. Bush was smart. Plenty of the people around him were smart. But he was a bad president. Presidential scholars rank him 38th — and, remember, there have only been 43 presidents (Barack...