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Texas Secession to be Reviewed by White House

PlanetReality Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 7:24 AM
The only thing to do!! The liberals want a handout nation let them have it and pay for it!!! This makes sense to ever BILL PAYING, HARDWORKING AMERICAN middleclass american who ACHIEVED middleclass thru HARDWORK and no handouts and r PROUD to be MIDDLECLASS!!! afterall the dictaction of LIBERALISM doesnt pay for this country it only dismantles!!!! LOOK AROUND have u taken a real good look at our liberal society today?????? Hollywood have it and i hope u get what u voted and my your paycheck be TAXED AWAY, doesnt mean the rest should have to work 100 times more to pay for it!!! U want it have it u got it!!!!!

The idea of Texas seceding from the Union is a long time joke, but a secession petition on has received enough signatures to be seriously reviewed by the White House.


This isn't quite the equivalent of the Declaration of Independence, but in the digital age, you could say it's similar.

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