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Obama's Katrina: Hurricane Sandy Victims Beg For Help

PlanetReality Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 2:15 PM
Oh no not TEFLON BARRACK the war on brains president ! he came for his photo op people come on now and the media bowed along with christie trying to play the bipartison card with a partison president!! he came verified, released and left did what he was paid to do because the gov of that state called for federal assistance right away unlike nagel in new orleans with katrina!!!!! people better wake up and not rely or vote big gov because there is only soooo much assistance they will do and off they go leaving u in the dust!!!!!

Over the weekend, I wrote about politicians high fiving each other over the "excellent" FEMA response to Hurricane Sandy, but when you hear from hurricane victims, FEMA is doing anything but working efficiently to help people.

Joseph Curl over at the Washington Times asks, "Imagine if Bush had..."

Imagine if the bashed and thrashed 43rd president had popped over to FEMA for a 30-minute photo op, then jetted off for yet another campaign rally with Hollywood celebs?

“This continues...