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Obama to Congress: The Time For Immediate Action on Fiscal Cliff is Now

PlanetReality Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 7:27 AM
As this president APPROVES BONUSES FOR WASHINGTON!!!!!! once again folks BEST JOB IN THE WORLD A POLITICIAN on the working mans DIME!!!!!!! Where the working man is a SUCKER and living on a prayer with our thumbs up u know where!!!! SPEND SPEND AND SPEND because we can just TAX, TAX AND TAX!!!!!!! Most be nice to SQUANDER OTHER WORKING PEOPLES MONEY!!!!!! Washington deserves NOTHING until america and americans are SECURED WORKING AND THRIVING!!!!!!! Then maybe washington deserves more to their already job of PERKS AND BENEFITS that every working man dreams of as they STRUGGLE EVERYDAY!!!!!

So how did the last-ditch fiscal cliff meeting go this afternoon? Not great. President Obama again put forth the scaled-back version of the proposal he pitched last week.

A source familiar with the meeting told CNBC that Obama was not making a new offer; just laying out what he thinks can pass the House and Senate. That includes keeping the tax cut for those making up to $250,000 and an extension of unemployment insurance for 2 million people. He will then ask the participants what they are willing to support, and if they don't have a counterproposal that...