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Weak pathetic party or brianwashing cult????? Some great choice america??? As the party of themselves sleeps real well at nite!!!!!!!!!
delusional and illusional just like the stock market and everything else in this last six years!!!!!!!
welcome to florida!!! Leave your freaking liberal overtaxed, unbalanced policies and politiicans in the liberal overtaxed, unbalanced pithole u left................
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! john 3:16 God bless this great country!!!!
POINTED THE GUN???? Enough said move on!!!!!! Hats off to the police officer!!!!!!!!!
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Democrats: The Party of the Rich

PlanetReality Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 10:12 AM
The cult of the rich and brainwashed!!!!!!!!
U would never know this was the year 2014!!!!! The leaders globally have failed the people everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look around its clear as day!!!!!!!!!!!
Where was his call for halt when those SAVAGE protestors where out and about screaming "they want dead cops and we want them now". ??????? NO WHERE???? This mayor is a disgrace and everyone know it just walk down the streets of nyc, ITS A PITHOLE!!! Homeless mulitplying like roaches and yelling vulgarity everywhere u go and rats everywhere u feel filthy walking down the streets!!!!!!! Ny u really know how to vote them in!!!!!!!!!
No faith in the scotus to follow the constituion................................ Especially after the first ruling......... A TAX????? Scotus really put the screws to the people and the document they represent.......................
The radicals did it in the 60's with our soldiers and now they continue with police????
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