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Funny since clinton signed in DOMA.............
Where have u been in the last six years???????
spoon feed more political bull for their only concern and mission THEIR POWER and CONTROL, can not be any more clear............ introducing bills for social issues that has been shot down by law when we the people are sitting under more injustice than we have EVER experienced not to mention a debt that is HISTORICALLY!!!!!! New bill to repeal obama care after all the majority stuck paying for it did not agree with that supreme court decision either!!!!!
There is no war on women just a war on your common sense....... Cant wait to buy the book!!!!!
That would be a gov paid and working for the people???? Think we lost that fight after jefferson or madison????
This is what your u voted in political pawns???
Your point??? Insane comments and post!??? That is your resolution to other posts????
Yes 2.9 as we owe what???? Common core political pawns this is your math........
The 17 trillion??? Or the 100 mark up it cost everyone else for u to walk out with 20.00 free??? Common core math????
What economy
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