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There Ought Not to Be a Law

plainsense Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 7:00 AM
I certainly don't advocate laws against suicide, simply that we have a right to help them avoid it. The argument is to dispute the notion that there is no room in our moral code to protect people from themselves, as Stossel often advocates. The simple experiences of decent people (like parents) can see the danger and inhumanity of that philosophy.

I’m a libertarian in part because I see a false choice offered by the political left and right: government control of the economy -- or government control of our personal lives.

People on both sides think of themselves as freedom lovers. The left thinks government can lessen income inequality. The right thinks government can make Americans more virtuous. I say we’re best off if neither side attempts to advance its agenda via government.

Let both argue about things like drug use and poverty, but let no one be coerced by government unless he steals or attacks someone....