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Education: No Longer a Panacea for Blacks

pkennedy Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 6:08 PM
Well, I'm Native American, and I was raised in a college-preparatory environment, and it just so happens I have an IQ of 185 which according to most people is at least one standard deviation ABOVE most whites. I went to Yale and I still have a hard time finding jobs. It's not education per se that makes or breaks you; it's showing up with the wrong skin color at the interview. I have a Math teaching license for 7th-12th grades in New York State and every state that's reciprocal with it; the problem isn't lack of qualifications per se it's people's reaction when they see me. Being able to pass the interview to get the JOB past people's prejudice is vastly different from what it took to get into and graduate from prep schools and the Ivies.

A recent article in the Washington Post highlighted a particular segment of the nation’s struggling unemployed. That is in itself is not surprising. After all, black unemployment exceeds the unemployment level for handicapped people and many other challenged groups within our nation. The group that the Post profiled was people with Ph.D.s in the sciences. An increasing number of chemists, biologists and other scientists who have invested heavily in their education are finding themselves jobless. Of those who are employed, thousands are doing lower-wage “post-doc” work in laboratories, as opposed to heading up research projects or teaching in universities.