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New Ad Hits Obama Where It Hurts on his Energy Narrative

pkarandi Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 4:23 PM
Can we add Eric Holder's stuff to the list? I actually have a lib coworker that defended Obama by saying Holder was a rogue lefty acting on his own. Hilarious! Like he does not jump when Obama snaps his fingers... 1) Fast and Furious 2) Sueing Arizona for creating separate immigration laws, and then NOT suing illegal alien sanctuary cities/states. 3) dropping the black panther voter intimidation case 4) Suing states for creating voter id laws because somehow that is "discriminatory" I should say it is discriminatory when they ask for my license at the airport. :)

For weeks now, President Obama has been perpetuating several highly misleading energy statistics that make it seem as if his administration is at all responsible for increased levels of domestic drilling or for the lower levels of foreign oil imports -- more domestic drilling is due to the private sector and the policies of the 'previous administration,' while fewer imports are due to the fact that our economy is still on the productivity struggle-bus (heh, okay, so Obama does get credit for that one, just not in the way he wants). It was a leading-with-the-chin messaging strategy just...