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An Open Letter to the Political Right

pkarandi Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 9:29 PM
How about taxes? I am a fan of the FairTax, but would happily settle for a flat tax. Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree that the right should stay out of social issues like gay marriage. I couldn't give a rat's a$$ who someone marries.
OK - that was f!@$&%g HILARIOUS.
OK - I am a fan of Townhall and Pavlich, but jeez... can we go more than 3-4 headlines before another one pops up that is merely in place to sell this book? Flame me if you must, but that's how I see it.
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15 Ways Liberals Are Like Bratty Kids

pkarandi Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 9:20 PM
Excellent, excellent write-up Dr_Zinj. I feel compelled to forward this to some of my friends. Will give you credit of course.
Excellent point!
You exactly articulated what I was thinking. Thank you. It's amazing how liberals have changed the narrative FROM "if you want xyz, you pay for it yourself" TO "if you don't pay my bill for xyz, you are denying me access to it" With idiots like this influencing all the low-infos out there, I can't help but fear for the future of my country.
Nice strawman dummy. Did anyone state any opposition to the feminists of previous generations? No. The problem is with today's radical feminists, who not only fight for women's rights, but relentlessly pursue the liberal agenda. We can certainly praise those feminists of previous generations who helped to overcome a significant inequality between the sexes. That gap has seriously narrowed. Not that you would hear this from today's liberal feminists.
annfan wrote: "Plus, as a pagan, why do you care if Sudan executes a Christian woman anyway?" What an utterly stupid thing to post annfan. Maybe you should stop posting for a few hours, go grab a beer, and chill the he!! out.
The take-away from this is NOT that she should not have defended the accused. The take-aways are 1) Hillary's character considering using unethical tactics like smearing the 12 year old victim 2) Hillary's absolutely disgusting character when laughing about the ultimate sentence. How can someone with these skeletons in their closet claim she wants to "empower women?"
Wow, reading some of these posts from brain-dead liberals (DoctorX, JWJ, lois, etc.) defending Hillary on this is simply stunning. You guys (or gals) are just trolling right? You don't really think it's OK to smear a 12 year-old rape victim do you? Or think it's OK to laugh about the ultimate verdict? Or think it's no big deal because it was 35 years ago? You can't possibly really think this way right?!?!?! I have never held liberals in high regard, but wow. You have really reached a new low. I have always viewed Hillary as a snake. Even her husband was a snake, but he was at least good at hiding it and seeming genuine (not to me, but some people). But Hillary doesn't even hide her hideous character, and yet liberals still flock to her. Although most of you liberals never did understand the true meaning of Romney's 47% comment, this is what he meant (although the number is probably closer to 35%). If you are part of that brain-dead liberal class, there is nothing he can say or do to win your vote, so he's not going to bother trying. If you can actually defend Hillary on this, you are the exact type of person he was talking about (although I do realize he was referring to the those living on the dole). He was making a completely valid point that there are simply some people who will not listen to reason.
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