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What Democrats Mean When They Say 'Radical'

PJD1987 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 6:35 PM
Actually, Harry...this is a falsehood and a lie parroted by many on the left who want to use the Catholic faith as a tool to further their agenda. If you understood the religion you are trotting out in a disgraceful manner to prove your point, you would realize that your argument holds no weight, whatsoever. It is a lie. Unfortunately, there are some "Catholics in Name Only" as we call them who support intrinsic evil and do not follow the Teachings of the Church. For a full explanation of how this is a lie, please view the following link:

With words like "radical" and "extreme" being liberally flung around, it's probably time to define our terms. After all, vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, I am assured, embodies both words in deed and spirit.

These days, radical ideas appear in many forms: a plan offering future seniors a choice of health care insurance or one that marginally cuts back on deficit spending or even a plan -- when things get really, you know, German -- that attempts to balance the budget over two decades.

If a person is to believe his media, he would have to accept that bringing...