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It's possible, but I'm not so sure. Most faithful Catholics have had enough of Obama's anti-Catholic administration. Most "Catholics in name only" will vote for Obama, possibly. But true faithful Catholics will not vote for Mr. Obama.
In his defense, one does not have to be a believer to care about the Truth...
They should be. Unfortunately, their agenda seems more in line with Obamas. They care very little for the authentic Catholic faith, only insofar as it can use it to further their secular agenda cloaked in religion. They are not true Catholics.
This group does not follow the Teachings of the Catholic Church and does not represent the authentic Catholic Church, I am glad I am Catholic. I wish people like this did not distort what people think about our Church, though.
capt is entirely correct.
This group does not accurately reflect the feelings of the Catholic Church, seron.
We can hope and pray. Unfortunately the heterodox left-wing liberal Catholics distort the Truth and lead faithful Catholics astray and scandalize the faithful. Please read my post for more information.
continued...oppose in the political world, yet they are silent on that issue. That should tell everyone all they need to know right there.
You're welcome. I think it is very important for people to understand this. These left-wing wackjobs claiming to "represent" the Church get all the coverage, and then it looks like Catholics denounce Mr. Ryan, but that is wrong. Faithful Catholics denounce THEM as unorthodox and heretics. The MSM doesn't explain this AT ALL, obviously, and so the Church is defamed and made to look bad by these liberal hacks that don't even practice their own religion and are disobedient to the hierarchy and the Vatican and are more worried about changing the Church in "the spirit of Vatican II' then speaking out and opposing the murder of ~54 million unborn babies in the womb since Roe v Wade. Opposition to abortion is the #1 thing Catholics are to...
Yes, that would be accurate. Their dissent from their own Church is unconscionable. As I said, this is an ongoing struggle within the Church itself, and non-Catholics may not even be aware of it, but it is a very big problem within the Church...things like this shed light on the deep divide. These people most certainly are CINO and do not represent the Church.
You're welcome. It's absolutely shameful what these "Catholics" are doing, misrepresenting the faith and distorting the Truth, and inviting more ridicule upon the faith by their dissent. As a faithful Catholic, they disappoint me so much, but we can pray for their return to orthodoxy.
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