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They will wait until the last day before the December recess. Obama will not look at it and it will die via the Pocket Veto.
I agree with everything Birdnow writes, except his characterization of Milbank as an "elite" columnist. Milbank lost any such status, if he ever enjoyed it, when he threw in with one party over another.
No, because marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman. You're not asking for the right to have the government sanction your union, you're asking for the government...and all of society...to change the definition of marriage to suit your purposes. That is not an action between consenting adults.
See my earlier comment. It's a New Zealand P-3, not a RAAF aircraft.
Why does Townhall.com post a photo of a New Zealand P-3 on an article about the US Air Force Academy? Hello, editors?
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