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And I DO blame TubbyTeddy and his cohorts in Congress.
But you are just fine and dandy with the leeches invading the USA over our southern "border" being granted not just legal residency but even citizenship. Boy, are YOUR values perverted.
What a non-surprise --- begin talking of another scamnesty on American citizens and watch the tsunami of illegal alien invaders flood across the border. And with the likes of GrahamCrumb and 'the flake' on board to 'citizenize' the uneducated gimme-hordes it will soon be "Goodbye America" and "Hola AmeXica".
This is the same idea that I posted yesterday. Wonder why my comment has disappeared. Regardless, you and I are both on the same page with this. Sure hope that President Romney takes our sage advice.
Great idea! And after President Romney is inaugurated, Vince can be made Director of the ATF and can clean house of all the reptiles infesting the place.
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