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Obama Is a Unifier? Hardly

Pj Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 1:50 AM
Wow -- great article. I can attest to Obama dividing the country. He has even divided friends! Had a "life-long" friend who absolutely adores Obama to the point of telling me, "If he says it, I believe it," and could not stand any opposition talk or THE TRUTH about Obama, so I was put on her SH** list, and we parted ways. Had another liberal friend who said she voted for Obama because "she had a gut feeling and her guts were always right," except I tried to explain to her why her guts failed her. Lost that friend too. So you see, Obama did not "bring the country together," he divided this country right down to family and friends! Still people who refuse to listen - they will reelect him in 2012, along with Mickey Mouse and the dead.

"I SAW MANY SIGNS in this campaign," said Richard Nixon the day after he was elected president in 1968. "But the one that touched me the most was one that I saw in Deshler, Ohio, at the end of a long day of whistle-stopping…. A teenager held up a sign, 'Bring Us Together.' And that will be the great objective of this administration at the outset: to bring the American people together."

Nixon had started using the phrase "Bring Us Together" a couple weeks earlier, after one of his aides spotted the youngster with the sign. Some of the...

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