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?b?ma just may NOT drag his butt out of the White House. He may have an agenda to stay. While Congress does nothing, and our military does nothing, and Americans do nothing, this Nation is burning -- exponentially. That piece of sewage needs to be physically removed from the White House. Other countries remove their tyrannical leaders. What in the world is wrong with those who support this man while he destroys America? Stupidity is all that comes to mind. Unfortunately, the 'stupids' are dragging the rest of us down with them.
Oh, I agree too, he DOES. He thinks he is the savior of the WORLD. He thinks he can "fundamentally transform" the entire World, one country at a time! He not only screws up the United States of America, he screws up the Middle East and then says, "Oh, it's always been a messy place." May have been "messy," but AMERICA stabilized Iraq, and ?b?ma 'UNstabilized' it; American lives lost were in vain because of ?b?ma!
I concur with you too! And the democraps have already started using VOTER FRAUD in Chicago -- home off the corrupt ?b?ma!
-------Their traditional intimidation tactics are wearing out. Calling someone a “racist” used to be a devastating moral indictment.--- Well, then, CONGRESS!! now that your worry of being called a racist is over, IMPEACH OBAMA!!!
Such great surprise and wonder that BO's teleprompter "misspoke" for 4 years! What he SHOULD have said instead of "PERIOD" was, "If you like your plan you can keep it, COMMA . . ." That way we would have been prepared for the coming of the "IF clause" to be "misspoken" in . . . uhhh . . . 3 years?
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Why Obama Wants America to Fail

Pj Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 5:22 PM
And sadly, his CULT followers actually believe it's rain! I actually heard a liberal say once: If Obama says it, I believe it. THAT is the mentality we have been up against when it comes to the fraud in the White House! He has brainwashed his slobbering cult with his lies! It just amazes me how people can actually be THAT stupid when they see the destruction all around them. We ALL know someone who has suffered because of the Obama regime!
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Young People Out of Cars, Jobs, and Schools

Pj Wrote: Oct 25, 2013 4:29 PM
Well, the majority of the young people voted for Obama, so this serves them right. The "intelligent" Americans saw this coming in 2008 -- remember "fundamental transformation"? Well, duh!!! The millenials are brainwashed! I have lost all sympathy for anyone who voted for Obama and whines about their fate in life. So be it! JOIN THE CLUB, you useless idiot liberals! You asked for it? you got it! But sadly, you took me and my family over the cliff into the abyss with you. YOUR STUPIDITY cost MY FAMILY their jobs, homes, cars, credit, savings, retirement, HEALTHCARE and future. And NONE of us voted for the fraud in the White House! The same America where I grew up is now not available for my children and grandchildren. This is ONE TIME you should have listened to your elders and stuffed the know-it-all attitude! Furious!!!
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