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Warren: Those Darn Senate Republicans Won’t Stop Filibustering, and I’m Going to Washington to Stop Them

Pit Boss Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 8:52 AM
Income taxes run the federal governmnt moron so those who do no pay are placing the burden of the tax and spend government on those of us who do pay. They have no skin in the game and will continue to vote for those who promise to take more and more from those of us who do pay income taxes. These people who pay no income taxes receive the most benefit from what little payroll tax they do pay so it is only "fair" that they pay the payroll tax.

Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) -- who defeated Republican Senator Scott Brown by a whopping seven percentage points earlier this month -- has recently penned an op-ed in the Huffington Post criticizing intransigent Republican lawmakers in the Senate for abusing the filibuster procedure, vowing to make filibuster “reform” her first order of business on Day One. Keep reading:

When I'm sworn in just a couple of months from now, I want to fight for jobs for people who want to work. I want millionaires and billionaires and Big Oil companies to pay their fair share. And I want to...