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Short-sighted Petulance

Pit Boss Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 9:56 PM
Wait a minute there John in OK, a Wal-Mart heir donated a large sum of money to Obumblers campaign so don't think that they might not be saved if they are in trouble.
You are correct. As much as I hate (yes I know hate is a strong word) liberals, they are able to band together for the same cause, screwing America into the ground. If the GOP could get that kind of party continuity, they'd be unstopable.
You mean like the VP of the US?
Got proof of that?
Wow, you are a complete moron. You do understand that the government will eat you too, right?
Really? I just followed a chevy colorado home from grocery shopping that had 3 Army/Viet Nam Vet stickers on it and it also had a big obama 2012 sticker on it too. I guess he isn't too disgusted with obama.
Bingo and that is why the program needs to be ended now!
Fix it by ending it. Tell the poeple the government is no longer going to take their money and save it for them, return it to them a little at a time, and tax it again so they better get some education in finances and figure out how they are going to create a retirement fund.
You do not contribute to UI, your employer pays the tax. Now if you want to look at it as you would have received that money had the employer not had to have paid the tax and in turn could have paid you more, fine but you do not pay into your own little UI account.
Don't argue with AL, he has answer for everything even it is the wrong answer.
Do you pay attention to anything other than what MSNBC is televising? Obama has said that he does not believe people should own guns. Obama likes to make executive orders like changing his undies and told Russia that he'd have more flexibility so who knows what is up his sleeve. He usually takes ideas from others because he's never had an original one himself so this would fit right up his alley. The legislation is in the works right now to ban assult weapons, Chicago taxes guns at a higher rate than other goods making them harder to purchase, and the list goes on. Keep your head in the sand until they come for you.
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