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I'll save a defenseless dog over an able bodied human any day of the week. As someone said before, the dog will be grateful whereas the human will probably sue you for not getting there soon enough or some other reason. Semperfido!
You know nothing of what you speak moron. We have a Doberman we adopted because her previous owner died and she was in the house with him for over 3 days before he was discovered dead. She did not eat him nor has she tried to eat us. We also have another Doberman adopted because after 7 years of owning the dog, the previous owners wanted to have one more child and didn't think the dog would fit in the family anymore. their selfish loss was our wonder gain as he is a perfect dog.
Sad thing is that the people in Ellison's district will vote for this moron time and time again even though he does nothing to help them. They had a choice this past election to elect a black man who has a good military record and ran circles around Ellison in the debates yet they chose to vote the moron another term. You get what you deserve and the people of his district deserve him. High crime, high unemployment and Rep. Ellison.
The ends justify the means for these people and they don't care if they have to lie, cheat and steak to get their way.
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No Shame, No Class

Pit Boss Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 9:28 PM
Not upset about the color of his skin, its the emptiness of his head that bothers me. The guy is a complete imbecile.
Then I suggest you run for some office and see if they will elected you then Karl. Chances are no one would want you to hold office, even if it were dog catcher. Go away!
So did you say the same things when crazy uncle joe was acting like a moron on national tv during the debates? Of course not because the ends justify the means for democrat fool such as yourself.
Someone tell this jack wagon to go away and let the sane people run the country.
Always knew Hill was a Dbag but this proves me correct.
A .223 is a caliber, not an assault gun. They sell the .223 in many different forms of gun. they call an assault weapon because they have foldable stocks, pistol grips, accessory rails, etc. I have a 22-250 that is just as powerful as the .223 but it looks nothing like a so called assault weapon. Assault weapon is a term a politician made up.
I'm sure it has already been said here, but these dolts already have more than they could ever spend (and good for them) and have set up trust funds for their familes so what do they care if the death tax goes up?
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