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Why is anyone listening to what any French academic has to say? What good has any cheese eating surrender monkey ever done for mankind? Didn't his country's president raise taxes on the rich and didn't a lot of them flee to other countries?
You are a moron. He did not break the unions, they still exist. It's just that the people that were forced to belong to them longer have a gun to their head and are not paying the dues to a corrupt organization. By the way, all those people still have jobs unlike what the unions wanted to do, increase pay/benefits and cut teachers.
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Gold Medalists Will Owe the IRS Big Time

Pit Boss Wrote: Feb 08, 2014 2:01 PM
Yep lots of other important issues to deal with but since the Olympics are on right now, how about dealing with this one right now? I guess since it doesn't pertain to you, you don't care? As someone else said, this is punishing a person for winning, just like the progressive income tax punishes people for working hard and earning a good living. The only people who win in America are the ones on the government dole.
I thought the economy was roaring back and yet liberals bemoan a 1% reduction in food stamps and want extended unemployment benefits for those out of work longer than 6 months. Are we being lied too? (note the sarcasm)
And sadly there are enough morons in this state that they re-elect Amy "the senator of small things" Klobucar and they will probably re-elect Gov. Goofy, Al "I stole the election" Franken, and keep the state in control of the tax and tax and tax and spend, spend, spend democrats.
Told my co-worker pretty much the same thing today. Anyone with a hyphenated last name is nothing but trouble or a limp wristed wuss (if they're a guy that is).
Exactly! No matter how bad Obama is and will continue to be, the morons will vote in another democrat (Clinton) and then wonder why nothing got better.
I'll save a defenseless dog over an able bodied human any day of the week. As someone said before, the dog will be grateful whereas the human will probably sue you for not getting there soon enough or some other reason. Semperfido!
You know nothing of what you speak moron. We have a Doberman we adopted because her previous owner died and she was in the house with him for over 3 days before he was discovered dead. She did not eat him nor has she tried to eat us. We also have another Doberman adopted because after 7 years of owning the dog, the previous owners wanted to have one more child and didn't think the dog would fit in the family anymore. their selfish loss was our wonder gain as he is a perfect dog.
Sad thing is that the people in Ellison's district will vote for this moron time and time again even though he does nothing to help them. They had a choice this past election to elect a black man who has a good military record and ran circles around Ellison in the debates yet they chose to vote the moron another term. You get what you deserve and the people of his district deserve him. High crime, high unemployment and Rep. Ellison.
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