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Kids still go to museums - and do you know how to shoot? defend yourself?
RIGHT ON is right - good for the school. When I taught at North Denver High School in Denver in the 70's, we had a rifle range in the school and I used to go shoot on my lunch hour!! Students could also take ROTC and learn about the military! AND NONE of them ever shoot anyone! Way to go PUEBLO SCHOOLS!!
Add alcoholism to that testing and being first with Hiillary and Nancy Peelosi.
Many americans have had to rely on food stamps and there is nothing wrong with that - our taxes should support those in need. But today there are too many who abuse the system and that should be stopped immediately! The surfer dude would be the first to get canned. We should do like Germany used to - they gave you 3 jobs and if you turned all three down you were cut off. That is what WE should do!
This woman is the kind that used to be GOOD Democrats - not the party hacks that are in there now. Obama should have been impeached years ago - just look at his actions!! He is incompetent, feckless, stupid, can't speak without a teleprompter - (hmmmmm, wonder if he has one when speaking to Putin?) and is a girly man - i.e. gay! Too many people have questioned his homosexual tendencies and his proclivity to hiring them. He needs to go and I hope this woman can teach today's DEMS what it means to be a DEM.
Ohhhhh, can I come visit?
I LOVE the commercial! It definitely speaks to what makes America exceptional!! And if the French want to ride their bikes and take a month off - good for them. And if the Huff Post - that liberal rag - wants to be scared and deny the work ethic in the US - too bad for them. Who reads them anyway?
Obama did NOT have permission to take pics of the kids - given his homosexual background and the claims that he had sex with white men to pay for drugs - he should not have been elected president much less aloo him around children!
But Obama and cronies' income won't be redistributed - just ours. IMPEACH the SOB and all of congress - vote them out in 2014. They are hand in glove with this administration!
Obama KILLED those men and should be impeached and put in prison for murder.
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