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MONEY!!! she is PAID to do this along with her equally scabby husband who was caught trying to buy an AR 15 and a handgun the day after they testified in Colorado AGAINST guns.
You are right
now that is funny!
Hillary says the government creates jobs - not corporations or small businesses. Seems she is right huh?
Absolutely correct! DON"T register your guns anywhere and vote anything but Democratic this week and in 2016! Toss all these fools to the curb.
SHE and her hubby are EXPLOITING her tragedy - for $$$$$$.
because they are liberal leftists who want power over the people - and to interfere in lives. Yes they are stupid americans. vote anything but DEM in 2014
GOOD POINT!! hahahahaha
No she doesn't - she is a hypocrite!!
Good catch!! Its about time folks see this slime wad for what he is!
You NOTE he doesn't go up to those who had to stand behind him for the "photo op" and shake their hands don't you? What a wuss. YES VOTE IN 2014 and 2016!!
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