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Yes, Slash Farm Subsidies — But Don't Stop There

Pistol Wrote: Nov 25, 2012 3:52 PM
The simpletons on the left have no trouble applying double standards and believing diametrically opposed arguments. For example, the tanked economy is a hangover from Bush, but Bin Laden was solely due to Barry's military genius. At some point, it can be hoped that misery will educate the electorate. Best posture for conservatives and Republicans right now is avoid as possible all responsibility for the events of the next 4 years. Both cooperation and obstruction will be vilified. Best move -- votge present and describe honestly the oncoming results of trying to spend ourselves prosperous.

THANKSGIVING IS behind us. The fiscal "cliff" looms ahead. And in less than six weeks, Massachusetts will have a new senator. Let's try to link them all in a single column.

As a candidate for the US Senate, Elizabeth Warren showed a livelier interest in raising federal revenues than in cutting government spending. But about one spending target the senator-elect has been admirably blunt. When asked to name some items in the federal budget she'd like to see slashed, the first program she cites is one of the most indefensible: agriculture subsidies.

To be sure, it's easier to oppose welfare...