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Will the Real Economy Please Stand Up

Pistol Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 4:36 AM
"the 1 % stands on the back of the middle class." This is another way of saying that these overall statistics are averages, and an average doesn't include everybody at the same rate. We can have a 2 % gain in GDP, but that doesn't mean everyone sees that small gain. And in fact, 122% of last years gain went to the economic upper 1 %. The middle class broke even, and the unskilled, entry level folks took it in the shorts. And trolls come on here and talk about how Barry has saved the day. Apparently enough of them believe it to put Barry back in the WH, or perhaps they prefer having a man of color in the WH, to having a competent president. As the lower half of the economy continues to tank, we continue to polarize economically and
Pistol Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 4:40 AM
politically. The middle class and small business, which is where any growth takes place, will realize that a decent job is a precious item. Those with an opening will more and more look for a quid pro quo when they hire. This puts new restrictions on opportunity and social/economic mobility, as we approach the stagnation of even the more prosperous EU countries. This is not going to end well.

To Tell the Truth was a game show where celebrities would try and determine which contestant was telling the truth and which were the impostors. After making their guess the host would ask, ‘would the real______ please stand up?’

What is the real economy? There’s no shortage of sources and opinions about today’s economy. Who is telling the truth? Let’s see if we can identify the impostors and guess correctly.

Allow me to introduce our contestants.

Morgan Stanley economist Vincent Reinhart says the trajectory of economic activity hits an inflection point midway through 2013, and the expansion...