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The Next Big Thing From The Official Who Predicted Communism's Demise

Pistol Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 9:27 AM
This means more opportunity for people like Bill Gates. His successful ideas have a huge world market, as compared to Rockefeller who made his fortune on a much smaller customer base. This is the major reason for the increasing disparity between the richest and poorest. Dirt poor is always with us, but opportunity for affluence has no limit.
Pistol Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 9:32 AM
The prosperity of the American working man depends on good government that rewards schmarder harder work. As Bowyer notes, there are lots of places where education and opportunity is increasing, and where people are being given the opportunity to work harder and schmarder. We either compete, or lose out, just as many of the world's dominant coutries failed to cash in on the Industrial Revolution of the mid 19th century that made world leaders out of Britain, Japan and the US.

Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan administration as special assistant to the director of Central Intelligence, and vice chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council.  He is widely credited as having been the first senior official to predict the fall of the Soviet Union. He’s also, written a number of good books (including How to Analyze Information: A Step-by-Step Guide to Life’s Most Vital Skill, and The Cure for Poverty: It’s the Free Market: History’s Greatest Invention), plus he often speaks to groups of...