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Taking the Long View

Pistol Wrote: May 05, 2012 8:10 AM
I am not seeing these hopeful signs of voters taking the long view. The MSM ignores long views. Trivial sensational trash dominates the news. Missing babies, famous adulterers, hot button sex or race issues. Much worse, the politicians, the nominal leaders, are not educating the voters, at least not directly. The cosmic 2x4 of miserable results is starting to get attention in southern Europe. Just what do the rioters think they will fix with property destruction and election of leftwing koolaid types? And we have our own active contingent of these mindless drones. The current course is not sustainable. We WILL see changes of some sort. The question is: what will these changes be?

A few months ago, I was golfing in Maryland, and I happened to get paired with a member of the Maryland General Assembly.

I had covered Maryland politics at one time, so we did a few “do-you-knows” as the round progressed. We settled on one hapless lawmaker who had switched from the Democratic Party to the Republicans after he lost a primary, only to lose again in the general election.

“You have to give the voters a little credit,” my golfing partner said. “They do pay attention.”

He makes a good point. We don’t give voters enough credit. This...