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Liberalism is Terminally Ill

Pistol Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 4:56 PM
A collectivist Utopia is an old old vision. It is an idea, attractive to many, especially in prosperous times. It can not be killed, only refuted and rejected. This has invariably occured as soon as th3 results of its implementation can be clearly seen. We are watching it now, thank goodness. And thank you, Barry the Cosmic 2x4.

It’s been a pitiful sight – a sad week for progressives and “Big Union” Democrat-shilling thugs. In the wake of Tuesday night’s devastating recall smackdown in Wisconsin, tens of thousands of “Occupy” hippies across the nation have simply been too depressed to get stoned and not look for work.

On Wednesday the White House released President Obama’s detailed itinerary through October:

1. Worry

2. Lie

3. Obfuscate

4. Golf

5. Fundraise

6. Worry

Indeed, the president has much to worry about. No honest politico can deny that liberals’ Wisconsin debacle likely represents a shadow of things to come – a precursor...