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In Four More Years We'll Be Detroit

Pistol Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 9:23 AM
Can't blame me this time, RG. I held my nose, clung to hope where little was apparent, and voted for MItt. I admit i am surprised so many less people voted for Mitt than McCain. Do you suppose they wouldn't vote for a Mormon? Did they believe his Bain Capitol performance was anti-Working Man? Was it that really unfortunate and distorted remark about the 47%? Well, whatever. Its too late to screw up this retired Geek. I worry about the kids, though.

From one moment to the next the city of Detroit doesn’t know where its next bailout is coming from. Chronically unable to pay its bills, the city looks to the state for cash gifts to stave off default. Operating under the terms of a consent agreement hammered out with the state, Detroit faces fiscal uncertainty largely because it has failed to get adequate concessions from public employee unions that are unsustainable. And those concessions that they have wrested from unions, politicians in Detroit have been unwilling to enforce.     

One prominent Detroit attorney, however, is facing the future of the Motor...

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